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It’s not easy to find the best exercise bike around. In most cases, you’ll be able to find it days after looking for it just about anywhere, including online. But the best exercise bikes can be found in one site, and that is,


You don’t need to dig further on the web to have the best exercise bikes with you, with Garage Gym Pro; however, you’ll be able to choose the type of bike that suits your style and personality.

The best exercise bikes don’t come on a regular basis. Since they are in demand most of the time, you’ll run out of supply even before you can buy one. But with Garage Gym Pro, there’s always an exercise bike for you, ready to use.

To get acquainted with these bikes, though, it would be of help if you can get hold of their reviews about it. These exercise bike reviews are works of gym experts, those who have been in the business for quite some time. These are reviewers who know exactly what they are dissecting in their reviews, and in return, you’ll learn a lot from them.

It would be impossible for you to know the best exercise bikes online if you don’t read these reviews. You’ll get an inside look of these equipment the moment you start checking on these pieces. And in the process, you become an informed buyer, not just a knowledgeable exercise enthusiast.

So the best exercise bikes are all in one place: Visit their site right now through this link,, so you can have that exercise bike beside you in no time.

A Great Source of Protein Powders

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If you are looking for a great source of protein powders, then is the site for you. You won’t be in short supply of protein powders with this site, because aside from offering the best deals about food and health supplements, monicashealthmag also has reviews for you to read, so you can choose the appropriate supplement in the process.

Monicashealthmag is a great source for the best protein powders because it only showcases the best ones, the kind that improves your well-being, too, not just providing you with supplements that keep you in good shape.

Many can attest to the benefits of these protein powders. A lot of reviews in Monica’s Health Mag are a testament to its potentials, particularly on women. These are the kind of supplements that empowers them not just physically, but emotionally and mentally as well.

So if you are banking on Monica’s Health Magazine for some information about the latest in protein powders, then you are on the right track, because monicashealthmag is a great source for the best protein powders on the web.

It is not easy to find that ultimate source of information when it comes to protein powders. You have to consider a lot of things like how effective are these supplements, what are the possible side effects if and when you are not compatible with it.

If you happen to come across online, get hold of it, because monicashealthmag is a great source for the best protein powders, the site that most people go to when they are in need of some supplements (more of these protein powders via

Your Online Source of Protein Powders

  • An online site that offers the best protein powders for women
  • Staying in good shape by using protein powders
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If you are looking for a great source of protein powders, then is the site for you. You won’t be in short supply of protein powders with this site, because aside from offering the best deals about food and health supplements, monicashealthmag also has reviews for you to read, so you can choose the appropriate supplement in the process.

Monicashealthmag is a great source for the best protein powders because it only showcases the best ones, the kind that improves your well-being, too, not just providing you with supplements that keep you in good shape.

Many can attest to the benefits of these protein powders. A lot of reviews in Monica’s Health Mag are a testament to its potentials, particularly on women. These are the kind of supplements that empowers them not just physically, but emotionally and mentally as well.

So if you are banking on Monica’s Health Magazine for some information about the latest in protein powders, then you are on the right track, because monicashealthmag is a great source for the best protein powders on the web.

It is not easy to find that ultimate source of information when it comes to protein powders. You have to consider a lot of things like how effective are these supplements, what are the possible side effects if and when you are not compatible with it.

If you happen to come across online, get hold of it, because monicashealthmag is a great source for the best protein powders, the site that most people go to when they are in need of some supplements (more of these protein powders via

The Best Power Rack In The Market

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Power racks are gym equipment mainly used for strength and weight training. It is mostly used together with a barbell although there are also other applications for it that have been developed over the years. A power rack is a 4 post equipment with weight catchers at both sides to prevent chest injuries in case accidents or failure to lift the weight happens. Other routines it is being used for are chin ups and pull ups. They can be done by lifting your body up the bars on top of the rack.

When we are talking about power racks, the best one that quickly comes to mind is the Valor BD-7 with Lat Pull rack. This is a state of the art power rack designed for optimum weight training. The rack can handle Olympic size plates which weigh up to 800 lbs. depending on which bar of the cage you are using (see more of the best power racks at garagegympro). It has 27 different positions for bar support that you can utilize, which is a lot! The weight bar supports are made of solid steel chrome which is probably the main reason why it is little expensive. It also includes a pull up station that you can use to do pull ups and chin ups and handle people weighing up to 350 lbs. Indeed it is considered as one, if not the best power racks available in the market today. That’s why it is often sold out.

If this power rack is not for you, see more of the best power racks at garagegympro site. This site offers resources, reviews and other info about power racks. It is a great resource if you are doing pre purchase research about power racks.

More Stylized Yet Durable Shoes from NicerShoes

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Shoes abound online. You’ll never run out of it. There’s a perfect shoe for you out there. All you need to do, really, is to be patient with it, scour every available detail of that particular shoe and you’ll get your money’s worth.

If you haven’t tried, you better give it a try today.  You have nothing to lose, you only gain out of using some of the best shoes you can get online. Check out these shoes on the web through, and see more here!

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose NicerShoes from now on:

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  • They are durable – Yes, and that is quite evident when you read some of its reviews. NicerShoes wouldn’t root for them if they are not durable, if they are not made of quality leather or fabric. See more here! ( More durable shoes that withstand to any kind of weather.

This is just a glimpse of how gives you that total satisfaction when it comes to buying and using that desired shoes. As has been said, there are so many shoes available online, but only gives you the best. See more here! (

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Football players have their own favorites when it comes to gloves. Most of them, in fact, are quite particular about certain types of gloves. They usually do that because choosing the right type of gloves allows them to get a good ball grip as soon as the play progresses.


But the Best Football Gloves give you the kind of gloves you need. And if you’re seriously considering a career out of playing football, then this is the site you need to go. I know football players love it because this site offers a variety of gloves for that ultimate football experience.

Equipment matters as far as football goes. These players need some durable equipment for them to survive in football, literally at times. They need to have gloves that are durable and flexible at the same time, so they can maneuver their way through easily. I know football players love it with Best Football Gloves because their products possess style and substance, just the way football players wanted.

You can even read reviews on this site and see why more and more football players are rooting for Best Football Gloves. I know football players love it out of these positive responses, not just on their gloves, but also to other apparels that Best Football Gloves has to offer. And besides, you don’t want to settle for less when it comes to football gloves.

So be where these football players are. Use gloves that professionals are using, and play like a pro. Your football experience will never be the same again with Best Football Gloves. The online football store that gives you the ultimate touchdown by wearing these cool gloves.

Avoiding Annoying Headphones When Running

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Headphones can be annoying at times, especially when you run. Sometimes they flail around, and you get distracted, affecting the pace of your run in the process. So, in turn, you haven’t been able to get the most out of your run. And all because of that irritating headphone.


You need to find a way on how to avoid annoying headphones on your next run. You need to be able to contain them in a way that doesn’t distract you while you run.

But here are a few tips for you on how to avoid annoying headphones on your next run.

  • Find a headphone that fits your ear – This is a common problem for runners using earphones. You can’t just use any earphones out there, you need to use earphones that fit the shape of your ears. You will notice that as soon as your running intensifies and if you’re using not the usual earphones, it will fall off. This becomes annoying in the long run.
  • Keep under wraps – As much as possible insert the wire of your earphones under your shirt, not outside. If you just let it hang outside of your shirts it flails uncontrollably and make even create a distraction on your view.
  • Use a handy one – Use an earphone that is not bulky. The lighter the earphone is, the better. You need to light when you run, and if you use a rather big earphone, this will cause some discomfort from start to finish.

These are just a few of the tips on how to avoid annoying headphones on your next run. Keep in mind that music is supposed to cool you down when running, and not as an additional as soon as you hit the road.



Five Ways to Lose Weight

  • Hydrating yourself before meals will help you feel full.
  • Supermarkets and even fast food chains offer products with high levels of calories.
  • Losing weight takes a lot of courage and discipline.

Some of the most effective methods of  losing weight doesn’t include dieting and exercising daily.

Losing weight takes a lot of courage and discipline before it can produce good results. That’s why in this article, we will give you the five simple ways on how to lose weight. These tips will also help you achieve a healthy life and body.


Drink one glass of water before meals

Hydrating yourself before meals will help you feel full. Drinking at least 3 liters of water daily will also help you flush out all the toxins in your body.

Move your body for at least an hour

Walking, jogging and running even for just an hour could help you remove or burn calories, toxins, and stress. Staying at the gym for a long time could most likely confuse your metabolism. It could also worn out your muscles.

Avoid high-calorie products

Essentially, most supermarkets and even fast food chains offer products with high levels of calories, such as soda, juice, cupcakes, chocolates and more. Ideally, we have to follow a 1,700 calorie intake daily and we can only meet this requirement if we choose to practice a healthy lifestyle. You can also buy health supplements at a cheaper price when you use coupon code on your checkout purchase.

Do starve yourself

Starving is one way of depriving your body to get important nutrients. According to health experts, it is always best to eat well-balanced meals on time including in between snacks to avoid sudden drop of blood glucose.

Sleep 8 hours daily

Lack of sleep can cause you different types of mental diseases as it directly affects your brain. It is advised to sleep at least 8 hours a day to restore brain cells. It is also one way of maintaining a healthy weight pattern.

Quest Protein Bars for Weight Loss

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Quest protein bars can be used for a lot of purposes; you can use quest bars for muscle repair, workout buddy, energy booster, snacking and lastly, for weight loss purposes. Most athletes and bodybuilders prefer quest bars over other well-known energy bars.


Experts believe that the perfect protein and energy bar contains a well-balanced and natural ingredients. Well, you don’t have to worry about quest bars because it has safe ingredients; it has 20 grams of protein, .5 grams of carbohydrates, ample gram of fiber and less amount of sugar. Personally, I take quest bars pre and post workout because I believe it can give me more energy, thus giving me more power to do strenuous exercise activity. In addition, quest nutrition has created 12 sumptuous and delicious quest bar flavors. Aside from taking quest bars as energy boosters, the protein bar can also help you feel full, which prevents you from eating a lot. Quest bar also aids in digestion, which helps you lose weight.

Can You Really Lose Weight with Quest Bars?

At first, I think quest bars are just for athletes and bodybuilders. But as I try to research more about protein bars, I discovered that it also aids in losing weight. Most weight loss gurus said that protein is a vital nutrient in our body. Basically, we have to meet the daily caloric requirements of about 1700 kcal. However, in order to achieve it, you need to consume a well-balanced protein food source. We can get protein in fish, meats, eggs and milk; but because of our busy schedules, we cannot prepare healthy meals.

That’s the reason why quest nutrition created quest bars, they even offer quest bars coupon to make it affordable to the public. Quest bars are great meal replacements which promote weight loss.

Importance of Using Mouthguards in Sports

mg2When you think about American football, you should also consider thinking of having the best football mouthpieces as it is the most intense and powerful sport in the sports industry.

Generally, mouth guards are just a piece of soft plastic, but its benefits are amazing since it has the ability to protect your mouth, lips, teeth, jaws and tongue from injuries. However, as most experts say, there’s no better gear to protect the teeth when engaging in sports like American football. Players should play the game safely to avoid unwanted injuries.

Mouth guards also contain cushion materials to guard the face from intense blows from the opponents. Basically, there are three types of mouth guards: Stock, Boil and Bite and Customized mouthpiece. Among these three, custom mouth guards have the ability to provide better protection and safety to the teeth as it was carefully designed and fitted by an orthodontist or dentist.

On the other hand,  some people think that mouth guards are only for extreme contact sports. According to the American Dental Association, the use of mouth guards are not only for contact sports alone, it should be worn for other active sports such as bicycling, skateboarding, surfboarding, gymnastics and water polo.

Once you have the best football mouthpieces, make sure to take care of it by sanitizing and boiling it with hot water before and after use. In addition, for good hygienic purposes, it is recommended to change mouth guards every two to three weeks. Always remember not to miss any dental assessment to check if the mouth guards didn’t cause harm such as abrasion, cuts, and mouth sores. Lastly, keep in mind that mouth guards are just protective gears, the best way to protect yourself from pain and injuries is to learn the sport well and play it like a pro.

The Benefits And Risks of Legal Steroids

steroid image 8Masculinity to young people in our time is based on abs and massive arm muscle. Many frequent the gym to train and build a fit and lean body. But sometimes, an obsession grows and what started as a healthy purpose is joined by an artificial approach to bypass a natural process. We’ve heard of some people using steroids, but of course, there is a substantial effect if you’re legally taking them. Body builders and athletes resort to legal steroids to speed up the building of muscles.

But how actually do legal steroids work?

Testosterone is the male sex hormone that builds muscle. Like testosterone, steroids which are a synthetic substance mimic the capacity to help boost the quantity of testosterone and/or hormone level that the body creates so that the muscle is able to enhance in size and achieve new levels of force. They can be applied as a patch, be taken orally, injected, or spread on the skin in gel or cream form.

Steroids are used medically as solutions for several health problems. When used as prescribed by the doctor, it is normally safe and effective.


Hormone replacement to treat:

  • Hypogonadism
  • Delayed puberty
  • COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)
  • Some forms of anemia
  • Klinefelter’s syndrome
  • HIV

Athletes involved in power sports, for example weight lifting, throwing and sprinting events use steroids to:

  • Boost muscle power
  • Boost muscle mass
  • Diminish muscle catabolism
  • Faster muscle recuperation


  • Men can develop overgrown breast muscles
  • Women can develop facial hair and its own male baldness version of it.
  • Disrupts the growth spurt of pubescent boys
  • Shrink men’s testicles and reduces sperm count and fertility
  • High blood pressure
  • Tumors of the kidney or liver
  • High cholesterol
  • Depression and wild mood swings
  • Aggression

Steroids were first created in the 1930s, and it has made its way to gyms and locker rooms across the country in a speed of light. Athletes, weightlifters and bodybuilders swiftly discovered the miracle that these drugs can give to their bodies. Although it is illegal for doctors to prescribe steroids to improve a boxer’s punch or propel up a weight lifters’ arm muscles, athletes still found further source on steroids to get their hands to the drugs.

Nothing beats good old fashioned diet, hard work and rest to make a body stronger and bigger and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Steroids are about power and sometimes power become an obsession. It always boils down to self awareness and self acceptance and the power to control it.

My Quest Bar Review

Quest Bars appear to become ‘superior’ with other protein bars because they contain no added sugar or sugar substitutes and therefore, are gluten-free (meaning individuals with coeliac disease or gluten sensitivity can also enjoy them as well). The elements list can also be relatively short compared to other protein bars.

The 60g Quest Bars is available in at 170-210 calories and supply 20g of protein. Normally a bar consists of 5g of body fat using the nut that contains bars that contains more e.g. Vanilla Almond Crunch has 9g due to the healthy fats within the nuts. The bars have a low quantity of naturally sourced sugars (between 1g and 4g). download (1)

The primary component within the bars is whey protein protein isolate and milk protein isolate, each of which are top quality protein sources you can use to improve muscle tissue when coupled with resistance (weight) training. There is a low glyceamic index and retain the minerals calcium, iron, phosphorous and magnesium (varying amounts determined by the flavors).

Quest bars possess a relative low “NET carbohydrate” amount because our physiques don’t undertake board the fibre content which comprises nearly all “TOTAL carbohydrate” amount. The fibre isn’t digested and utilized as energy whatsoever, the Isomatooligosaccharide is a kind of carb that’s almost digestion resistant.

The bars possess a soft texture, and many important of, taste AMAZING! The bars when warmed (within the microwave for 10-just a few seconds) taste like dessert and therefore are super filling and they may also be produced into some scrumptious quality recipes. What is the best webshop to get quest bars online? Visit the link now to see the discounts on your Quest Bar purchase.
My own favorite flavors are Strawberry Cheesecake, White Chocolate Raspberry, Vanilla Almond Crunch, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Coconut Cashew. Fortunately they are obtainable in Mixed Berry Bliss, Apple Pie and Banana Nut Muffin , Double Chocolate Chunk and Peanut Butter Supreme, . The next flavors I am yet to try out.. Peanut Butter , Chocolate Brownie & Jelly, Cinnamon Roll (this seems so great!), Lemon Cream Pie as well as Chocolate Peanut Butter (I can’t loose time waiting for my next shipping of them!!).. General it’s a thumbs up from me!

Get to Know More about B Vitamins

B vB vitamins or better known as vitamin B complex plays a very important role in protecting our overall health. Thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, pyridoxine, biotin, folate and cobalamine are responsible in converting our food into energy which helps us deal with our everyday routine. B complex works perfectly fine. However, each part of the B vitamins has its own uses and benefits from promoting healthy and glowing skin to memory enhancers.

All of these B vitamins are available at iHerb. In order to avail special discounts, find the best iherbs coupon. This article will help you understand the uses and benefits of B vitamins.

Thiamine – B1

Vitamin B1 is known to be the best anti-stress vitamin since it has the capability to safeguard and protect the immune system. It also helps in generating new healthy cells. According to recent studies, thiamine helps in breaking down simple carbohydrates.

Riboflavin – B2

Vitamin B2 has an antioxidant effect which helps in fighting free radicals that causes cell damage. It also helps in preventing early signs of ageing and heart diseases. This B vitamin is essential in RBC (red blood cells) production that transports oxygen all over the body. Riboflavin can also help alleviate headache and migraine.

Niacin – B3

Niacin helps improve the good cholesterols in the body. It is also used to treat dizziness, diarrhea, cholera and headache. It also used to treat diabetes.

Pantothenic Acid – B5

The word pantothenic comes from the word pantothen which means “from everywhere”. So basically, vitamin B5 can be found in all food group. It is also responsible in the production of stress and sex hormones. According to studies, this B vitamin helps promote healthy and glowing skin and prevents early signs of aging.

Pyridoxine – B6

Pyridoxine is responsible in improving sleeping patterns and mood since it has the ability to produce a well-balanced amount of melatonin, norepinephrine and serotonin.

Biotin – B7

Women take vitamin B7 since it has the ability to make their skin and hair glow. On the other hand, biotin is used to treat uncontrollable high blood sugar. In addition, biotin is essential in providing normal growth to the baby during pregnancy.

Folate – B9

Vitamin B9, folate or folic acid, whatever you call it, this B vitamin is used to prevent signs of depressions and memory loss.

Cobalamine – B12

Vitamin B12 works well when combined with Folate or vitamin B9. Both of them are responsible in producing red blood cells, hemoglobin and oxygen carrying protein.

Now that you are aware of their uses, have time to take them to protect yourself from all harmful diseases.



2012 Running Goal

Yup, you read that right…Goal…not goalS but Goal.

singular. not plural.


General: Get faster.
Specific: Run as close to a 2 hr half as possible!

Current PR: 2:18
Previous PR: 2:25

I’m changing my mentality a bit this year, I’m beginning to start training for the season, not a race. I’ve got roughly 20 weeks until my first 2012 Half: The Martian Full-Half Marathon, remember…I volunteered it last year.  and half of that is base building.

Why am I starting so early?

  • Tip: The best way to improve overall time is consistency and getting in those long runs.
  • 10 weeks will be spent running double digits. 10 WEEKS.
  • Despite having planned to run the Detroit Turkey Trot, I ran solo that Thursday and struggled with 6 miles. Not completely surprising as I’ve only been running 2x a week since Oct. and max 4-5 miles, but I knew it was time to get back in the saddle.

My first week concluded last night: 3 mi, 4mi, 5 mi. Total mileage: 12 miles.

Disclaimer: I am a certified RRCA Running Coach. Everything posted here is my opinion. I’m no doctor, and as with anything on the internet, take everything with a grain of salt.

Just Dance Summer Party

Have you voted for me yet? Head over to digitalrunning and “Like” my article! pretty, pretty please!!

Thank you to Ubisoft for sponsoring this blog post. Please click here to learn more about Ubisoft. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective. All opinions are my own.

Since foregoing Life Time Fitness so that I could actually work a job I enjoy, the one thing I’ve been seriously missing is my dance classes. Between Hip Hop and Zumba…man I got to shake my bootay at least twice a week.

So, I was pretty stocked when I received the chance to review Just Dance Summer Party for the Wii!


Not that I was getting tired of my other two…but it’s always nice to add some variety! CollectionofDanceDVDSThere are 3 options to choose from and I first started out with the Just Sweat and later tried the Just Dance. welcomescreen


  • Who doesn’t like to shake their rump!?
  • Good selection of music


  • I know I had issues with the Kinect but I think I may prefer that over the Wii for a better workout. At one point I was standing there just moving my arms and I was still registering ok-good-perfect marks. Plus I was really annoyed by having to hold the remote.
  • Not sure if it’s the game or the Wii but the graphics were a little muddled on my high-def tv

Have you tried it?
Loved it?
Hate it?

the Special K diet

hey, hey, hey!

lemme state, I never intended to take part of the challenge, it was more be default and laziness that 4 of the 7 days last week consisted of Special K, and let me also add, I was constantly hungry after eating that ish.

I really don’t get it, I already struggle with cereal giving me that satiety but Special K… is like AIR! Although, I should say I do like their granola, although it’s not really that healthy!

No counting, no stressing about what to eat, even though I was constantly hungry while up north.

I really noticed that I need/like meals. Meals with 400 calories to them. It keeps me full and NOT thinking about food all day long.

I also realized how much I enjoy working out. I had 2 workouts planned while up there, I completed both. I came home feeling accomplished and ready to continue with my plans.

I’m not sure why this time is so difficult for the weight to come off. there also seems to be no rhyme or reason as to how the weight comes off when it does.

I lost 1.5 lb this week, which puts me exactly where I was before all of this weight gain mess.

Only thing different this week, is I eliminated 1 workout and allowed myself an extra rest day. I actually think it helped me recover faster from my long run. It’s something I might consider adding in every other week. We’ll see.

Anyone ever taken part of The Challenge?

not even worth the paper it’s written on!

Man…I’m really beginning to dread coming here..

3 weeks in a row, a gain?! This time 1lb! Still down 3.5 lbs

I’m actually shocked. I wasn’t expecting a loss but a gain?!

I’m proud of how I handled this past weekend. My food was good. Not great but I definitely exercised portion control, ordered a la carte and even got Nate to split an entree with me!

Oh, and I worked out 3 of the 4 days we traveled! It’s beginning to show too.. my batwing jiggle seems to be gone again, and my thighs are beginning to look cut. Now if the pounds would just drop.. =(

oh well… it’s another week and I’ll be trying my darndest again!

It’s complicated

Happy Monday friends!

I know, i know..usually I start with “I can’t believe it’s Monday already” but I’m glad it’s a new week. Despite the promising of a fun weekend, it ended with me in a sob fest Saturday night.

I’ve been working really hard at not comparing myself to others, accepting me for me, and not living by someone elses’s stand, and within a span of 5 minutes, I just sort of lost it.

I’m still trying to recover, as part of me, just wanted to seek out food to comfort the raw feelings.

I briefly touched about this in the past, but it rung true this weekend.

Am I basing my own self-worth on my beliefs or on someone elses? Is that someones belief of me really what they want me to be or am I just projecting something upon them and then resenting them for something they have never claimed to want?

It’s confusing and not simple, and hope that after a good cup of coffee, I can start moving forward.

Lastly, THANK YOU all who voted for me. I progressed to the next round, and can’t wait to see what this round has in store for me.

Half Mary 2.0

If it weren’t for this crazy cross country trip, I may have damn near missed the beginning of training!

Truth is, I hadn’t given much thought about what training program I was going to do this time around. Heck, I was more concerned about the Crim at the end of August than I was for the Freep in October!

I knew, it wasnt going to do Hal’s, I did his for my first Half, and I was injured and burnt out before the actual race took place. It just wasn’t for me… it was too much running, too much mileage. I’m sure training in arctic conditions didn’t help my mentality although I will say, if you can run in the snow and ice, you can run in anything!

I’ve been reading Jeff Galloway’s Book on Running to prepare for my 5K training club this Fall so when I came across his training plans, I immediately fell in love with them!

Total weeks: 15
Total # of runs: 3 – 2 short ones (anywhere btw 30 – 40 mins) and 1 long one.
Longest distance: 15 miles

So, compared to Hal’s:

  1. Overall training is longer: 15 weeks vs 12 weeks
  2. Farthest distance is 15 miles vs 10
  3. Less intense running: even towards the end of training Jeff’s plan  calls for 30 – 40 mins 2x a week vs 4 – 5 miles 2 weekly (that’s almost double!)

If you remember the last month of training, I had to bump down my 3x a week runs to 2x a week because of hip pain. I enjoyed the learning process of my first Half, but I didn’t enjoy every single second of the actual training program, and by the end I wanted it to be over and done with.

I don’t want that for this race. This race, I’m going to be smarter.

Fast and Furious

Hello blends!!

What a crazy busy weekend… I think we drove somewhere around 1400 miles between Thursday night and yesterday afternoon!!

Nuts right?! Thankfully we broke it down to roughly 400 miles daily which put us roughly 5 hours in the car…

Anywhoo… the highlight of my weekend would have to be the awesome gym at the Doubletree we stayed at in Somerset, NJ.


sorry for the grainy pic, I was trying to be discrete

It was completely outfitted by Precor and wow… lemme tell you, all hotels need a room like this! I actually think it was nicer than Marriott’s in Chicago!

And since when do you hotels give out swag bags to their preferred customers?!


The Doubletree’s was also the nicest, although I did appreciate the Holiday Inn’s that had a bottle of water but only a bag of pretzels.

Last week was a tad crazy with starting the new job and then being gone for the weekend, so I’m trying to figure out how exactly my new schedule looks like, and find a way to to squeeze everything in so I still feel uber-productive!

I’ll be back tomorrow with my Half Mary #2 Training Plan! I have no clue how this happened!?

much needed update!


so I guess I should update eh?! Ive been back in town since Thursday evening since I had to be back at work on Friday. Not sure why everyone was surprised to see me but I knew my boss had had originally planned to be off and I guess she didn’t anticipate me to be back (even though I did tell her via email but I guess I wasn’t clear ?)

Life’s been crazy since then. Nate had fam from out of town in Friday night that we needed to spend time with Saturday was pretty chill; we planned a BBQ with my fam since we will be in DC over Memorial Day weekend. Sunday was spent with Nate’s fam again since one set of Nate’s grandparents were in the hospital and this week is just spent trying to get caught up on stuff that I should have done last weekend or this upcoming weekend… to say I am stressed would be an understatement but I’m trying to navigate it hour by hour!

but ya’ll wanna hear about  my dad right? He didn’t end up having his major arm surgery on Wednesday because we found out that he had a double pulmonary embolism as well as pneumonia. I was devastated..I mean doesn’t it just sound bad?! I mean, it’s not great but it’s not life threatening if controlled. Oh, and to explain what it is, it’s a blood clot in the lungs that restricts oxygen absorption. With all of that they decided to postpone his surgery until maybe Friday?!

Tuesday or Wednesday he got put on an actual food diet which was great even though for the first two days he more less just chose fruit and cottage cheese. He does have to drink like 6 Boost drinks to maximize protein intake but overall he seems to be doing really great.

Friday he not only had his arm surgery but they closed up his chest wounds too!!! yay!!

My uncle came down Thursday and has been with him since, and I guess the physical therapist is having him practice walking the length of his room so thats great. My dad’s doing really great even with the minor setback. It’s really all about recovery now and…… he got moved out of the ICU ward!! Yay!! He’s now in a step down Cardio unit (not sure what that means except that they still monitor his respiratory and heart vitals?)

So in that respect everything seems to be doing ok. I’m definitely thrilled that it’s not as bad as I expected it to be when I first heard the news. If anything I just feel guilty I cant be there constantly. Oh, and did I mention the nurses only added to my guilt? “What, your leaving already? Can’t your employer give you time off?” Uhm, yeah I can take off, if I’m alright with not getting a paycheck biotch!

Anywhoo…more thoughts tomorrow on traveling, exercise, weight loss and military food!

light at the end of the tunnel

I should have udpated earlier but yeah.. I’ve been getting more calls now than I did on Tuesday.

So, he arrived in Landstuhl yesterday at 6PM our time, but the physicians hadn’t had gotten to see him yet but nothing had changed while enroute from Bagram. Good. I told them they needn’t call me at midnight but they could just touch base with me in the morning.

I looked forward to this particular call since I had given them plenty of time to do something, and so I was thrilled that when at 8 I got a call from the caseworker. You see, yesterday I called after I hadnt heard anything from them by 9 (in their defense, he was supposedly getting a status update from Bagram), but today they were early. First, I was asked whether I had talked to anyone at the hospital and if I hadn’t they would put me through, but (secondly) that he was scheduled to depart Landstuhl tomorrow, 7 AM our time to head to Walter Reed medical center in DC.

so then I finally got to speak to a Doctor!

She was truly amazing. She had been there since my dad had gotten in and was beyond willing to take her time and speak to me. What sort of irks me though is when they are like… well, how much do you know? To me its always like…well, what wasn’t I told?! So I told her what I told you guys yesterday and from there she gave me a small recap and gave me their diagnosis.

His crucial injuries were sustained to his right chest, shoulder and thigh. The doctors in Bagram must have assumed that due to the immense amount of blood loss that an artery had been hit so thats why they broke his sternum, but no it doesnt look like the heart was directly affected. GOOD!!! so they are continuing with the washing of the wounds and then attaching a wound vaccuum. His humerous and clavicle were also fractured so they are concnered about blood clots (he actually has 1 in his arm) so he’s put on a blood thinner. Then I guess during the transport his blood pressure dropped so they elevated it again and now he’s on a beta blocker which supposedly lowers it. he’s waking up sporadically but not responding to commands but we shouldn’t worry about any neurological issues since nothing indicates there will be any but that it’s the sedation thats causing the unresponsiveness. so… it seems positive. i mean, as positive as the situation can be.

Then at lunch time, I  received a call from a Reservist Colonel, he wasn’t sure if anyone had already called me and since he saw my number on my dad’s board, he thought he’d call to tell me what excellent care he is under and that although he will probably have to go undergo a few more surgeries once in DC, he’s doing overall well. That he himself understands the stress I’ve been under and that if I need anything to call, and I wondered then where someone like him was when I received the devastating news.

The girl who called me at 20 till midnight Monday night was, in my opinion, unprepared to deliver such devastating news. She stuttered and sputtered and had me believing my dad was on his last breath. True, the notes she probably received were scribbled and hastily written, but to wake someone up and give such news, I’m sorry but you need a special touch and that she did not have.

so yeah I’m back to waiting… waiting to see if he really does get out tomorrow, and then waiting to see if I can go visit him. As of right now due to the fact that he’s at a high infection rate, they arent letting even the Doctors in without full surgery gear on. I dont really want to burn through my vacation sitting around DC without being able to actually see my dad so I’m not really sure whats going to happen. I have a feeling it could all happen Saturday afternoon so I’m trying to prepare work as well as everything else so I can be ready to go.

and once again… thank you, thank you so much for caring, reaching out and praying for him. it’s stuff like this that truly puts all the other dumb stuff into perspective. I need to remember that when I stress about the scale or something else trivial.

i promise to write about something weight related tomorrow.. it’s long overdue and should have been up on Monday but I was too consumed in my own self-pity because of the scale! ha! had I only known what would hit me later that evening… insanity I tell you!

clever titles do work!



Two days to the gym so far this week and it’s amazing how much better I feel!

I restarted Turbulence Training again and actually made it to the second workout… not sure how I am going to go back to Workout A since the hotel gym has no weights but I’m hoping I can use bands as replacements. It’s funny just even after 2 workouts, I feel like my thighs are just a tad tighter than they were last week.

Had a Lean Cuisine today for the first time in over a year… and hot damn… not like I’m missing anything but I’m thirsty! No.. it really wasn’t too bad though and I supplemented it with cut up veggies on the side. Plus, it beat eating out. I wanted too… but neither a Pei Wei or a Noodles & Co. are near where I work so it worked out.

I’m feeling good, empowered and ready to tackle another stressful weekend!
I need to remember one meal or workout at a time!


on to my second batch of Christmas cookies, vanilla crescents aka vanilla kipferl.

I changed up the recipe a bit. Besides just vanilla, I also made a batch of coffee and cinnamon ones! Unfortunately I didn’t mark them so when they came out of the oven I forgot which is which and per nate, he can’t really taste a difference!



275 gr. of flour
50 gr. ground almonds
50 gr. ground hazelnuts
75 gr. sugar
1 packet vanilla sugar
dash of salt
2 egg yolks
200 gr. butter
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 tablespoon instant coffee/cappuciono mix

Sieve the flour, add the rest of the ingredients and hand knead. ingredientpile_vanillekipferl

Roll into one big loaf, divide into thirds and add instant cappuccino to one third,cinnamon to another third, and re-knead. 3parts

Roll out the 3 piles into 3 individual rolls, wrap in saran wrap and chill in the fridge for an hour rolledout


Each roll should produce roughly 19 crescents, so cut and form crescents

Place onto baking sheet and bake for 10 minutes at 395 (or until the ends get brown-ish)


Mix 50 gr. of sugar with 1 packet of Vanilla Sugar, and dip freshly baked crescents into mixture rollinsugar

excuse this minorly burnt one!

Final product! yumm-o!


Fatty McButterPants

another great weekend comes to an end, but I can’t complain too much, I’m off to Germany in 4 days!!

I was going to lament the fact that I am going again, but I’m beginning to realize these trips are waning. My grandpa’s turning 73 this February and even though he is in great condition, you just never know how fast things can turn. So, instead of dreading the 10 lbs I can easily gain while over there, I need to remember to cherish these moments because once he’s gone, our visits won’t be what they are now, but I know you guys dont want to hear about that… so let’s get to what it’s all about. My weight!, but you’ll have to check back on Friday where I’ll post my last weigh-in for the year. In other news….how’d I do this weekend?
I more or less stopped counting Points, trying to focus more on intuitive eating which is going alrightl. I’ve noticed that this time around, I’m still eating the foods I had been eating the past 5 months, the portions are also the same, I guess after measuring and counting for so long, it becomes second nature! I’m doing this on purpose, although I know counting Points will always belong somewhere in my life, I would love to reach a point where I can intuitively eat without gaining 30+ lbs back.
Saturday night, on the way home from the mall, we picked up take-out from Pei Wei, and proceeded to eat (half of) it while watching episodes of Fringe. God, the smell was heavenly, but the food was meh. Nate claims its because take-out is never as good as it actually is in the restaurant, which could be true, but lets just say.. I think I broke the magic around it. yay!
If I’m struggling with anything it’s my old fat girl mentality.
For example… say I go to have a cookie with my coffee, my current Christmas indulgence.. the old me is screaming: why just eat one?! eat the entire bag! remember your off your ‘diet’! but you know what.. I’m not ‘off’ anything! I’m really not. I’m still eating like I normally would, sure, I’m adding in a sweet (or two) that I normally wouldn’t but I also know come January none of these specialties are going to be around, so hell yeah I’m going to enjoy them!

Breaking that thought cycle is proving to be difficult. Last week was probably the worst, and this past weekend, I slowly became to conquer her. Admitting that these thoughts do still exist and doing something about them is my key to breaking the losing/gaining cycle. I have the eating right thing down. I’m still busting my ass in the gym, and now… I need to conquer that old fat girl mentality. It’s not who I am anymore. I know I am not that person anymore and yet it’s still a struggle. For as long as I can remember I followed a cycle of diet, no diet, diet, no diet… and although my body may think I’m in that yo-yo cycle because I have eliminated most sugar, white flour from my diet (because I need to for my continued success), it’s not. I need to rid myself of these old fat girl thoughts to be a success.

and speaking of success, after many attempts I’ve finally found a photo that has met my mother’s approval… so…yeah… lets start at the before photos. These all were taken this past Summer in Germany, and let me preface, I do NOT remember being this big. But isn’t that always the case?!
Family McButterPants
oh shit, really?!
Pfannkuchen Gesicht vs. Who’s that hot chick?!
188 vs. 157
shit. i guess I have lost some weight, eh? before this comparison, i really didn’t notice it. i mean, sure I had too because my sizes were going down but i still saw the girl in the Family McButterpants picture. No joke, that was one of the pictures that really spurred me into action. I honestly had no clue I was that big! ugh… can’t think about it…

‘kay…have a good one!

this and that

so, its been about a week and something since ive last posted so lemme recap in bullet points.

  • the group of people who workout during the month of December are very different from the peeps I regurarly see at the gym. now, not that I am biased, however I saw nothing NOTHING but skinny peeps at the gym. is that possible, that I was the heaviest there? it makes me wonder if that is the difference btw those that do it for life and those that do it as a fad?
  • i’m in germany. yes the much dreaded christmas trip. its my second day in and it hasnt been horrible. went for a long hour long walk today and as soon as nate and my grandpa head out, I plan on doing some other exercises.
  • ive gained some weight back, i’m not too overly concerned about it, but i know I won’t let it get any more while i’m here. i’m not giving up on this wol so that i can make myself some crazy promises i don’t plan on adhering to in the new year!

anyways, if i dont get back to here before Christmas, I wish you all very Merry Christmas!

sound off

now that Christmas is over, at least for me, I think it’s time for me to share some of my very un-merry christmas shoppinhg stories.

now, I dont know about you, but i’ve heard plenty of news reports stating how sales are down and people aren’t buying and blahblahblah. ok, perfect, not only did we have sales galore but I’m thinking, the stores will be overjoyous with the fact that I am ready to spend my money.

The BAD:
Banana Republic, Rochester Hills at The Village: Oh holy shiyat. Are you kidding me!? Lars, the Manager, was by far the least cooperative person I have ever met at a Banana Republic and as a Luxe member, I DEMAND some sort of extra special treatment. Both times I was there, I, by far, was the biggest spender. Lars, I hope, your District Manager comes down hard on you. Yup, Customer Service and I had multiple chats about you and in this economy, you better be kissing my ass.

Macy’s at Somerset: Are you kidding me!? I was ready to spend $500 on these pair of boots. However, I was never given the chance because no one had the time to service me. Once again, a sign, that maybe these retailers are doing quite well.

Clarin’s counter at Nordstorm (Somerset) and Macy’s (12 Oaks): First off, there was no sales person at the Nordstorm counter. Secondly, when I get to the Clarin’s counter at 12 Oaks, I ask for some assistance the lady says to me, I have 1 minute left before I clock out so I can pull what you need. I was shocked. Are you frickin kidding me?! I was ready to drop some dough and your telling me you have a minute left. I looked at her and said. “Alright, I’ll go to the Clinique counter where I can get some real service.” turned around and left. Her jaw dropped and I was mad as hell.

Banana Republic, Somerset: Heather, was very friendly, running back and forth to get me sizes and other items I might enjoy. Thank you, for making one shopping experience enjoyable. I hope that commision buys you somehing nice.

Clinique, at 12 Oaks: Peggy, thank you so much for not only willing to take the time to help me but calm me down because that damn Clarins lady had me fuming. I promise next time I need something, I’ll come back because dont you work on commissions?

Did anyone else experience this? God… I guess I can at least say I saved some money this season but that wasn’t really the point. I wanted to go out and help stimulate the economy but I refuse to be treated like absolute dirt. I work hard for my money and demand some service. I’m sorry if you were once making six figures and now barely making $7 an hour. Be thankful you have a job!

and now I’ll get off my soap box….

Just an Update

wow, the first week is almost over and i’m doing well. great even! those cravings are non-existant if I could only stop being so damn tired I could make it to the gym, i’d be golden.

i have a lot going on but dont want to not post since it seems to help my motivation along so you may just see quick excerpts of what is really going on.

i just finished Twilight and can not wait to get the 2nd book. is anyone else as addicted to it as i am? nate doesn’t understand the obsession, perhaps partially because he never really has been a huge book fanatic, but i was much relieved to hear that when he spoke to a buddy of his, his wife had gone through the same thing.

part of the reason why i havent been posting so much here is because i’m posting here more often. i think i’ve mentioned maybe once or twice that i love to craft, paper craft and I’m focusing on that blog for the beginning of December.

i’ve been at 176.5 for two days now. woooohooooo.

i would love to hit the 20lbs lost mark before i left for christmas vacation! we’ll see how well that goes. i’m not doubtig my motivation but more or less if my body will comply!

on that note, have a fabulous weekend!


Tomorrow at this time, I’ll be in Vegas.

I was so geeked for it and now I’m just totally blah about it.

I didnt reach my goal of 179.5 (yes, you read that right..I’m not even at 179.5 yet!)
I barely worked out this past week and feel ueber-blobbish today.
Regretting we spent money on this when I should be buying tiles for the backyard.
Frazzled because we waited till the last minute to pack/shop/etc.

I know Nate and I need this. It’s been 3 years since we’ve taken a non-family vacation, I think I just need to get their and chill.

No laptops. No cellphones. NADA. I want to be left alone for the few short days we’ll be there.

I need to regain some energy to finish off these last few pounds!

“skinny people have clean houses”

or so my mom claims. God, honestly, everytime I hear her start on that tirade I shut her out because I don’t want to get lectured on becoming a cleaner, more organized person.

but, maybe, there is something to it…perhaps, the secret is…they are organized.

Besides losing weight one major goal for me this year is to have a regurarly cleaned home. I have kept true to my word! Last week as well this past weekend have been spent cleaning the home. I only tackle 2 rooms per weekend. We only live in 4, bedroom, master bath, living room and kitchen. So, at least the basic ones get cleaned every other week.

I realized earlier this week though that it’s time to make something else a habit. Prepping food earlier than Sunday afternoon! Waiting till the very last minute just isn’t conducive and leaves me burnt out for the rest of the week. Plus, I’ve noticed that if everything is cut up and waiting in the fridge I’m less likely to reach into the pantry to grab chips or crackers. So, I started Friday night, peeling, chopping, cutting fruits and veggies and today I’m prepping other meals. It feels good being ahead of the game. It’s helping me feel in control.

The party Saturday was good as well. I had given myself permission to eat 1 piece of cake, but it was crappy KROGER cake so since they had a chcolate fountain, I decided to indulge in that. Oh my gawd…ok, so I overindulged but nothing that wrecked the scale too badly.

speaking of which, this is what the scale said today….



I’m somewhat disappointed since the scale was pretty damn low on Saturday and I just wasn’t able to get it back down there for Monday. Oh well…it’s ok. Determined to see Saturday’s number tomorrow, I’ve been battling the Snack Monster all afternoon and I’ll be damned if I let him get me now!


Princeton, NJ

Is where I’ve been for the past week.

My dad got his 2 weeks R-n-R and visitied his gf so we went out and visited him there. It was my first time in Jersey and wow, is it completely different from the MidWest.

First off, can I say that I only saw 2 fat people the entire time?! That totally blows my mind since everywhere I turned there was an ice cream stand. I kid you not, every block had at least 3 ice cream stores on it and they were all well visited. Even at noon. I have never seen so many skinny people eat ice cream at the most random times of the day!

Secondly, we only ate at a chain restaurant the first day. Our plane arrived way late due to many delays so an OTB was right outside our hotel and thats where we ate. Anyways, after that we only hit up local restaurants and I noticed that their portions were considerably smaller than what we here in the Midwest are used to. Now, one could say that perhaps that had something to do with the type of restaurant. Ok, lemme say that we ate Thai twice and at both Thai places the portions were normal. Not small but NOT as huge as what we typically get here. Not also that but typically here you also get a soup. Not there, everything was a la carte. Ok. Honestly people, I AM NOT complaining because I’m a clean plate person so Ill typically eat whats on my plate and by having normal portions I was NEVER stuffed!

oooohhhh, and our first night we went to this organic ice cream store. they had similar sizes to Coldstone however the small was perhaps half the size of a small at Coldstone. Does that make sense? Anyways, the majority of people who came into this store not only got a small but some even shared that small! WTF?! Seriously, I don’t know about yall but whenever PB and I go to Coldstone not only do we get the middle size but we NEVER share! it’s really a different eating mentality.

Thirdly, the majority of restaurants did not give free refills on soda! WTH?! I know here in the Midwest, the deal breaker on choosing a restaurant may be whether or not you get refills on your soda because well we need a HUGE soda to wash down the fried steak we just inhaled!

Fourthly, we were walking around Princeton and it started raining. My brother starts freaking out because we didnt have an umbrella but also because I suggested we continue on, even though my dad too wanted to stop. Now, not only do we have little chance to walk around in MI because sidewalks dont exist and if they do exist you wouldnt be caught dead walking on them because you may not only elicit stares but people might pull over and ask if everything is alright because they are sure youd only walk if your car broke down! Oh no, Jersey folks not only continued walking in the rain but continued sitting outside enjoying their company!

i know, all this seems like small individual things but i think in the greater scheme of weightloss these are pretty big. in the long run, to me at least, i think this decides whether or not your going to be an obese person or a normal weighted person. if you as a child are raised to share x-small ice creams, enjoy the outdoors, and drink minimal soda then yes you are much less likely to indulge in destructive eating behaviour. whereas kiddies here, at least the ones i know, drink solely pop, can’t go outside and definately enjoy their share of larger ice creams.

are our demographics a precursor to whether or not we become an obese person?

oh my…

i’ve become one of those people who disappears for a week because shes been that busy.

i just wanted to say a quick Hi! I’m here.

LOST 2 LBS!!!! this week.

Hope everyone is doing well, and hopefully I’ll have more time to talk about my fab weekend ;) later today.

my fab weekend

so, i had been looking forward to this weekend for months!

i mean we had pretty much planned for it the minute we found out his cousin was getting married (he lives outside of chicago) and figured we’d roll a long weekend into it. hell, we hadnt done that in nearly 2 years and we only live 4 hours away from Chi-Town!

we decided to leave thursday night so that we could at least sorta sleep in Friday and then after a day of shopping still be fit for a night out on the town. since we really wanted to take advantage of this weekend, we opted to pay a couple of extra bucks and stay right downtown. i mean, we werent even a block away from the Mag Mile.

we rolled into Chicago around 11 and although we had originally planned to go get a nightcap somewhere it was best we went to bed instead since we were both exhausted and we’d rather party hard the next night. around 4 am, i wake up just feeling nautious. i mean crazy bad. not the kind you get when you take motrin on an empty stomach but the kind that makes you wake up and dash into the bathroom.

FYI, TMI ahead….read if you dare! i didnt know whether i should plant my ass on the toilet or stick my head into the bowl. i started in one place and ended in the other. pb started an hour later. so, we alternated using the bathroom. hell, we even shared the bathroom. one of us planted on the toilet while the other was throwing up in the sink. it was THAT bad.

come to find out that my mom and bro had it too. we decided that it was the salad we had two nights before then. seriously, WHAT THE FUCK?! as if i don’t anguish enough about my weight and all things diet related, now i cant eat a staple?! and no, there wasn’t any spinach in it. i’m assuming perhaps the chicken that was on it went bad but i dunno.

anyways, pb and i, between bathroom breaks slipped in and out of a fitful sleep. around 2, i felt good enough to venture out to wahlgreens and grab some gatorade, water and crackers. the rest of the afternoon was spent in the similar fashion.

saturday morning we tried eating normal food. we had a bacon english muffin sandwich and coffee. bad idea. i mean we had been doing ok. the throwing up had subsided the night before, but we were still experiencing diarrhea.

we were pretty terrified the majority of saturday, i mean the minute we felt that we had to go, it came. there was no warning. no grey area. it was black or white.

we didnt eat the majority of the day so by dinner we were famished! we had some hor dourves, and that was the worst idea ever! pb and i routinely excused ourselves from the table, and forget dinner. we had none of that! no booze. nuddin.

by sunday we were better, but my spirit was broken. pb and i had gone over our budget to stay in downtown chicago, and we were just really looking forward to a weekend by ourselves. it happened, just not like we had expected it too. plus, we were downers at the wedding. i mean, we were just constantly worried about when we would have to go next. plus, we were still so fatigued.

seriously though, it was none of our faults. it happened.

of course monday i was pretty excited to see what the scale had to say but i decided to hold off another day for fear that the loss may be pure dehydration but alas it was not.

to lose weight quickly, acquire food poisoning!!!!

No nonsense leggings and tights



This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of No nonsense. All opinions are 100% mine. No nonsense tights and leggings can be found at food and drug stores as well as mass retail stores.

I’m not sure how it’s been elsewhere but given our weird winter last year, and our ueber-hot summer, I think the weather gods are taking back control of the weather. Which means i’ve had to bust out the leggings and tights much sooner than originally planned.

I’m not sure if leggings are on their way out but I still love them and I think they look so much better than a pair of adidas track pants, no?


running errands and dinner with a girlfriend

I have to say i was ueber-surprised when I opened the box and found a pair of cord leggings. I guess I was expecting something a lot duller! Given the surprise I had, I struggled a bit styling them but I’m overall happy with this look. I definitely need to invest in a few more longer sweaters and tunics!

I requested these in a large, but a) they were a bit long and b) they were a bit loose. Not sure if the medium would have fit perfectly but I guess the extra length doesn’t matter much since they can be easily hidden in the boots. Either way..they were super comfortable!

The tights were easier to work with as they were a very tame fishnet. Awesome!  Since I work in a pretty casual work office, I paired these with a work appropriate outfit, can’t even tell they are fishnet can you?! –> These were well made and I got them on snag-free! I usually bust a hole in them. The waist band was also comfortable and stayed put!



–> Another fun outfit I would pair them with for a night out or on a Saturday to run errands with, in boots of course! (ok so the tights aren’t exactly the same but I hope you get gist.. ;)


How do you like to wear fishnets?

and more stylish advice from the sponsors..

Find your pair of affordable No nonsense tights and leggings here. I was sponsored by No nonsense for this opportunity. All opinions are my own.

KlutchClub Review

Disclaimer: This box was provided to me at a discount. The opinions are clearly my own.

It’s been a while since I’ve spilled my Birchbox swag but I absolutely love the idea of a monthly subscription gift boxes. I think it brings me back to my Babysitter Club book days.

Back in July, the fine social media lady at KlutchClub asked if i would be interested in sampling a Klutch Box and I would only be responsible for paying shipping, so… why not?!  The Klutch Box is a $20 a month subscription that brings $50+ worth of tasty snacks, new workouts and holistic body care regime products to your door. The price is by no means unreasonable considering how much you receive, but for my paltry salary, it’s not an added monthly expense I can afford without cutting something else out.

I was prompted to head to their website and check out the box for July. This is a huge perk because you can decide if you want the box sent to you or if you are going to skip. July’s box was weird, as in I had to kindly decline because there was just no way I could write a favorable review about it.

I did ask if I could possibly review it for the next month, and although hesitant about it at first, she did eventually come around.

August’s Box:


Go Nola, Popcorners, Japan Gold Seaweed Salad, Go Sport ID, Twistband, Biopharmasci, iBodyFit, Alo, Tieks.

I was so excited to try the Seaweed Salad…i LOVE that stuff and have been beyond thrilled that Costco now carries a huge tub of it which is why I haven’t tried this on the go packet.

I was also super excited to purchase some Tieks with the gift card, but yeah… it would barely put a dent in the cost of it.

Overall, I was pretty happy with it. One thing I didn’t like was that I had to unsubscribe immediately or else I would have gotten the box monthly. That portion on the website was a bit misleading but besides that August’s box was pretty sweet. The great thing about these subscription boxes is that you get to try out new things without a huge investment on your end.

The perfect gift for the health nut in your life that has everything! I’ve been gifting subscription boxes left and right, so tell me…which is your favorite subscription?

2 Constants

seriously..where did I last leave off?!

oh yeah, I had just come back from an amazing vacation in Maine visiting, celebrating a good friends wedding.

I was reeling from the disappointment of not getting a huge promotion, which now on the flip side. I’ve never been this relaxed in this job so that’s sorta nice.

I was gearing up to work for the American Cancer Society as a running coach but had to ultimately decide that right now is not the right time

I am 9 days out from my first Marathon and there is no rest in sight! longest run, 20 or 21 miles.
and what’s really been keeping me busy…..

i hope that explains my absence…I’m one obsessed bride-to-be!


i’m coming off of a crazy two weeks, last week was spent in vacation bliss, sorta – more to come, and the previous week was knee deep in interviews and preparations for vacation.

vacation was overall amazing, more exciting details to come on that, but I was always a bit preoccupied with the job. i rearranged my schedule to make a time available for a final skype interview and when the answer came yesterday that i did not receive the job, i was super crushed.

i don’ even know what to say. i’ve been working towards this position for at least a year now. i feel a bit unclear of what to do, should i do anything at all.. i feel like I’m going through the 7 stages of grief.

i’m trying to remain positive, i have so many opportunities knocking on my door with Train with Purpose, and honestly, I feel like some weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I’ve been working extra hard since April in preparation for this job, going well above and beyond of what was expected of me that I’ve let a lot of personal things fall to the wayside. This decision has made it clear that I need to focus on me and my needs again.


i have no clue where this saying/acronym came from but it’s so ridiculous i can’t but help to yell it out sporadically. or maybe because it rhymes with rolo….

life’s been good, busy, ya know, living… blogging has been taking a bit of backseat to all the other stuff i’ve been doing like…

1. Pinning


2. Running… I’m close to hitting 30 weekly miles and I ran Escape to Belle Isle which deserves it’s own post


3. Being fearless! I spent the weekend at a girl friends cottage, and participated in water sports.. from someone that is not only afraid of lake life but anything that might hurt her is huge! and how about a video of me attempting to water ski.





That’s what I’ve been up to… how about you?

yoga strength

i had an amazing practice this morning.

the fact that these words coming out of my mouth is so surprising. i always liked the idea of going to a yoga studio but i think i was so caught up in my own thoughts that i projected a lot of insecurities i had about myself onto the studio as well as the fellow participants, that it really left a negative taste in my mouth.

practicing in the privacy of my own bedroom, listening  to my own music while learning the sun salutations has been amazing, and freeing and life changing.

it’s been roughly 4 weeks since I’ve started doing the Sun Salutations, I’m up to a 7 (I add 1 full set every week) and today I was able to go from Plank down into the floor position (not sure what it’s called but I always feel like it’s the down portion of push-up) without plopping/falling into the ground. It was graceful. It was beautiful and I felt amazingly strong!

I’m looking to expand my routine, any tips? thoughts?

I signed up for the Yoga Journals 21 Day Challenge and been doing each day in sequence when I have the additional time in the morning. It’s nice because they supply videos and I can just turn them on after my Sun Salutations are done, and continue on with them.

I’ve even been thinking of a yoga retreat… even if it were just for a few days I think that would be fun to learn some of the moves, flows whatever it’s called.

Have you ever been on a yoga retreat? Would you recommend it?